Your initiation into the world of Ultramarathons

The 55km goes through sections of Mount Brome, Mount des Pins, Mount Gale and Mount Oak as well as dirt roads among the most bucolic country roads of the province. The trails are very varied: some are large and easy while others are single tracks and highly technical (rocks, roots, steep slopes and multiple turns).

Race Details

  • 8:30 AM start on Saturday morning
  • 2220 m of positive elevation gain. Only 15% of flat trails
  • Time limit of 11 hours with a cut-off time
  • 3 complete aid stations and 3 water stations
  • 2 drop bags permitted: a first at the 35th km(TBD)and a second at base camp (finish line)
  • No pacers allowed
  • Headlamps are mandatory
  • Security provided by a team of experts in first aid
  • The 55k will earn you 3 points in the ITRA point system (UTMB qualifier)
Sunday 7am departure for the 55k

2220m of change in elevation