The 2km and 6km will be runnable despite the ups and downs. The 12km and 25km will have hills that only a few may run. The 55km, 80km and 160km have enough positive altitude change and technical difficulties that only a handful might be able to run them at 100 %. There’s nothing wrong with walking!! 😉
Under the American toughness rating that some follow, we believe our trails would be rated as “4 / 3”.  Which means: 4 = hilly, total climb between 50 and 150 feet per mile (7500 – 10 000 feet in 50 miles) and / 3 = trail or dirt road with some rocks, roots, and/or ruts.


For all distances, except for the 2km, there are major aid stations and minor aid stations (water only). Some unique delicacies will be offered to you but always respecting the fact that you are in the middle of a race. Each station will also have the usual aid station menu of fruits, potatoes, cookies, etc…


Build your own route of 80 or 160km. The trails are modular and allow you to build in challenges based on your ambitions.

  • Team of 2 to 10 people
  • Loops of 2km, 6km, 12km, 25km (the loops near Mount Oak and Mount Gale)
  • Only one runner at a time on the course
  • A participant can run several times.

The teams are responsible for accounting the distances covered by each member of their team in order to reach a total of 80 or 160km. The team starts are 15 minutes after the solo race starts. Saturday at noon for the 160km and Sunday at 3:45 am for the 80km.


A team of experts in primary care will be on site for the entire event. More than 20 health workers, doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and other specialists to make sure that your weekend is perfect.


2 categories for solo runners: male and female

2 categories for the biking courses: male and female

2 categories for teams on the 80km and 160km (regular and school teams)



Medals are awarded to the winners in first 3 places (female / male categories). There is no age category. All participants who finish their race receive a souvenir medal (if desired). 


There will be no refund on registrations fees or for donations made. It is your responsibility to make sure you are on the correct trails and follow the correct course markings (pink flags and ribbons, black arrows on yellow signs for running).

For cycling, the markings used are blue flags and ribbons.

Participants can choose to change their race distance. There is no reimbursement for a shorter race and you will need to pay the difference in the case choosing a longer distance!



Volunteers need to be registered at the Volunteer Center at base camp. A long-sleeved Bromont Ultra volunteer shirt will be used to identify them during the race and serve as a souvenir. Unforgettable memories are provided… 😉


Please contact us at gilles@bromontultra.com and pierre@phil.ca


There will be a restaurant available at all times during the event opened to all participants, volunteers, and supporters.
Each runner has a free meal (two for the 160km team runners) and as well as volunteers. Anyone who wants to eat more can. Additional meals can be purchased for 5 $. The menu includes items from the grill, salads, juices, and deserts. There are choices to accommodate most vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free / celiacs needs.