80 km

mountain bike


Test your limits with this 80 km course that includes approximately 2800 meters of vertical gain.  Challenge your friends, complete the course together, smiles and satisfaction guaranteed.

The 80 km race is actually the 40 km loop done two times.  The course ascends the summit of Mont Brome, Mont Horizon, Mont Bernard and Pic du Chevreuil. You will be riding in single & double tracks  80% of the time. The descents are on “flow”, guaranteed fun. This course is accessible to everyone from a technical perspective; however it will definitely test your cyclo-marathon endurance.

Price : 175$ CAD (with 50% donation included and a tax receipt)

OR 87.5$ CAD + minimum 400$ fundraising for one of our causes


  • Starts saturday morning at 7h30
  • Approximately 2800 meters of vertical gain
  • Cut-off time, 14h10 at km 40, which is virtually saying no cut-off time!
  • 5 complete refuelling stations
  • 1 drop bag permitted, accessible at km 40
  • Many locations where your supporters can come to encourage you
  • Security is ensured by an experienced team of first aid experts
  • Mandatory material: multi tool, tube, pump, cellular telephone
  • Head lamp mandatory to start the second loop after 13h00
*about the blue spot, we need to keep this a secret until the day of the event! sorry 🙂

2800 m vertical gain