Our causes


Together, we can make a real difference in the world. 

2020 OBJECTIVE : Reach 1.5 million dollars raised at the Bromont Ultra by aiming for more than $350 000 this year

A look at your fundraising efforts over the years

  • 2019 – $247 000
  • 2018 – $205 000
  • 2017 – $270 000
  • 2016 – $170 000
  • 2015 – $110 000
  • 2014 – $85 000

In 2020, Bromont Ultra and Ultragiving will support around 20 organizations again. As in other years, 2.5% of the funds raised will go towards the Ultragiving Endowment Fund for endless and durable charity.

relief aid - our 2019 intntl cause

Quebec Foundation for Celiac Disease (FQMC)

Benefiting since 2014

The foundation annually organizes summer camps for young people affected by the disease and your donations will allow young people who could not otherwise have the means to go.

ALS Society of Quebec

Benefiting since 2014

Project Connexion was initiated a few years ago by our very own BU volunteer, Marc Hébert, allowing people affected by ALS to communicate, no matter what the obstacles.

Adaptive Sports Foundation

Benefiting since 2015

Our friends with reduced mobility will have more sports equipment thanks to you. A Dahü wheelchair, specially designed for mountainous terrain, was funded by your donations over the last four years. ASF will be rolling with us in 2019 using its brand new BROMONT ULTRA DAHU wheelchair, 100% funded by Evenement Ultradon.

Centre Marguerite Dubois – Bromont

Benefiting since 2016

This organization offers socio-educational services to the disadvantaged and those living in vulnerable situations in the municipality of Bromont and in the parish of Saint-François-Xavier.

Regroupement pour la Trisomie 21 (RT21)

Benefiting since 2019

Regroupement pour la Trisomie 21 (RT21) is a registered charity based in Montreal, but serving hundreds of families in the province of Quebec. Its mission is to foster the full development of people with Down’s Syndrome, promote their contribution in society and defend their rights, in addition to helping the families, caregivers, and professionals who support them.

Le passage Haiti

New for 2020

The Corporation Maison des Jeunes Le Passage is a non-profit organization that works for the individual and collective development of kids in Haiti. The organization encourages children to get involved in their community and tries to fight poverty and crime in their environment.


The Granby CÉGEP Foundation

Benefiting since 2018

Since 1994, the Foundation has supported the Cégep’s educational mission by funding projects or activities not covered by the regular budget. It provides financial assistance to students in difficulty who wish to return to school. Awards and scholarships are also given to students to recognize outstanding academic performance, commitment and perseverance. Together, let’s run for education!

Charles-Bruneau Foundation

New cause in 2020


Cure the 20% of children whose cancer is resistant to treatment and offer children in remission a true cure, free of side-effects and complications. How? By making a priority of financing leading-edge research in pediatric hematology and oncology.

Mira Foundation

New cause in 2020

Founded in 1981, Mira is a non-profit organization that offers free guide dogs and service dogs to people living with visual impairments and physical disabilities and to youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

ReliefAid (Syria)

Benefiting since 2018

Our international cause for 2019 comes via one of our runners and best fundraisers of 2018, Anton Frima. ReliefAid, an organization based out of New Zealand, goes to show that distance is of no concern when we are motivated to help. Visit their Running4ReliefAid site and see for yourself how active ReliefAid is in giving help where it’s needed most.

Centraide du Grand Montréal

Benefiting since 2018

Our mission is to maximize financial and volunteer resources, so that Centraide, particularly by funding community agencies and working in partnership with them, can promote caring and social involvement in order to improve the quality of life in our community and empower its most vulnerable members to take charge of their lives.


New for 2019

FITSPIRIT help teenage girls to be physically active throughout their lives by offering them a new way to experience sport. With the support of its inspiring and committed community, FITSPIRIT transform every activity into a memorable experience for girls 12 to 17. Every FITSPIRIT activity centred on: friends, role models and fun! This winning combination has allowed FITSPIRIT to mark the lives of more than 150,000girls since it’s creation in 2007. Learn more at fitspirit.ca.

Fondation Mères avec pouvoir

New for 2019

An organization that aims to promote the autonomy and social and professional integration of women heads of low and modest income single-parent households with children from birth to age five.

Fondation de la Neurodiversité

New for 2020

Started by a concerned and touched father, this great project for dealing with autism. From research to direct aid to families, they are very pro-active.

Leucan Estrie

Benefiting since 2019

Leucan promotes the recovery and the well-being of children with cancer and supports their families by providing individualized services and assistance through every stage of cancer and its side-effects.

L’étoile - Social Pediatric Center in Haut-Richelieu

benefiting since 2019

This cause was originally suggested by a group of 40 BU runners that train with “Entraînement plein air – La Meute” under the guidance of Marc-André Paillé. A cause that helps vulnerable children get the support they need in their community.

Le centre de pédiatrie sociale en communauté de la haute-yamsaka

Benefiting since 2019

The CPSCHY (centre de pédiatrie sociale en communauté de la Haute-Yamsaka) is a social enterprise whose mission is to ensure that every child living in vulnerable circumstances has access to social-pediatric care in their community, enhancing children’s well-being and helping them to develop their full potential.

Montreal Heart Institute Foundation

Benefiting since 2019

The Foundation raises and administers funds to support research, care, teaching, prevention, rehabilitation, and the assessment of new technologies at the Montreal Heart Institute, thereby encouraging excellence at this world-class institution at the service of Quebecers.

FSWC Québec

New for 2020

Based in Sherbrooke, our registered charity will offer Quebec’s spinal cord injured individuals an advanced recovery program based on neuroplasticity.

Our goal :  to help improve the mobility, the physical and mental health, and the overall life quality of the people living with spinal cord injuries.

Our motto : Recognize potential, not limits…

Mission Inclusion

New for 2020

Started by Cardinald Leger in Quebec city, more than 70 years ago, the charity is all about inclusion. Its aid is widespread and far reaching.

Courir pour la vie

Since 2019

Suicide prevention organisation which does its fundraising and awareness through running / healthy activities.

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