Trail running and mountain bike


The challenge is for everyone. There is no judgment. Going beyond yourself allows you to discover yourself. Be it the 2km or 6 km or even the famous 160km, we can all feel the same satisfaction. It’s the same path. The 160km is just a little longer 😉 By pushing the limits of our abilities we come face to face with our weaknesses but we also discover unsuspected strengths. It gives us a better understanding of what it means to be human. With this greater understanding we become kinder, more patient and more generous. This generosity is also the Bromont Ultra. We pay it forward. We are extremely fortunate to be able to do these challenges and we need to share with others. By choosing to fundraise, you not only help the causes that are supported by the Ultragiving Foundation this year, but you inspire people to go beyond themselves, and that is PRICELESS.


160 KM

This 160km run with its almost 7000m of change in altitude will challenge you to the highest point. A mythical distance that will take you to the edge and back.

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80 KM

Your real initiation to the Ultramarathon. The equivalent of a 50 mile run that can be found all over the United States.

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55 KM

Your initiation into the world of ULTRA-MARATHONS
Have you ever run a marathon? Here is your chance to discover the world of trails and ultras.

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25 KM

This 25km trail goes through sections of Mount Gale and Mount Oak as well as dirt roads among the most bucolic country roads of the province.

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Ultraman ( Bike & run)

Bike 80k, rest a little, run 80k. And you’re an Ultraman/ Ultrawoman.

Only 3 have done it so far. Still no woman.

Challenge accepted me-lady ?

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