Mountain Bike 80 km

Trail run 80 km

Remind me to register for a silly distance at the BU

The silly distance i'd like to sign up for is...

The Bromont Ultra ultimate 2 sport challenge

Much like the reknowned Leadville (USA) man who bikes and then runs 100 miles on successive week-ends, we have our own UltraMan but they must bike and run 80 km basically back to back. Mountain Bike saturday for 80 km, then take a small break and wake up at 2:30am for your 3:30am start on the Bromont Ultra 80 km trail run.
A major accomplishment awaits you, UltraMan. We do recommand taking Monday off 🙂

 80 km mountain bike details :

  • Starts Saturday morning at 8:00
  • Approximately 2800 meters of vertical gain
  • Time limit of 12 hours with a break after the first loop
  • 5 complete refuelling stations
  • Many locations where your supporters can come to encourage you
  • Security is ensured by an experienced team of first aid experts
  • Mandatory material: Multi tool, Tube, Pump, Cellular telephone
  • FQSC licence is mandatory for participating in this event, the licence is available on site for cash purchase


80 km trail run details :


  • 3:30AM start on Sunday morning
  • Almost 3500 m of positive elevation gain. Only 6% flat trails
  • Time limit of 14 hours and 30 minutes with a cut-off time
  • 4 complete aid stations and 5 water stations
  • 2 drop bags permitted: first bag at 35th km and second one at base camp (finish line)
  • Pacers permitted for the last 17 km
  • Several places where your supporters can come to encourage you
  • Security provided by a team of experts in first aid

3500m of elevation change